Zombag Board Game
Zombag Board Game
Zombag Board Game

Zombag Board Game

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Zombag is a competitive zombie apocalypse game utilizing a pool of 6-sided die, a bag, and the tokens that represent survivors, weapons, zombies and more. Each player is vying to score the most points by fighting zombies to make the bag a safer place, scavenging the wilds to gaining much needed supplies, and using your hard earned tokens to complete missions. The player with the most points by the end of the game wins, and is crowned the greatest zombie apocalypse survivor of all time.

Zombag is the first game to come from the creative minds at Glass Cabinet Hobbies. Ryan Morgan (Owner/Designer), Chris Miranda (Creative Director/Designer), and Grant Giles (Assistant) bring to you a party game fit for all ages. It can be played anywhere and ranges from 5 minutes-45 minutes thanks to the adaptive end token system.

1 Game Box
1 Bag
1 Rule Sheet
40 Missions Cards
150 Tokens
48 Zombies
12 Bullets
10 food and water
6 Conflicts
6 Raids
3 of each Character
3 of each Weapon
3 Infections
1 Cure
2 Dogs (Character/Weapon)