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Zombag is a 2-6 player zombie survival game utilizing a single die, a bag, and the tokens that represent survivors, weapons, zombies and more. Each player is vying to be the strongest group by the time the game ends, to prove that they are the greatest zombie apocalypse survivor of all time.

It is easy to learn, and plays quick, allowing for games that are as long or short as you want thanks to the power of variant gameplay rules! Multiple end tokens and zombie difficulty add to the already limitless replay value, allowing you to control how the game plays to suit your likings.

This project is the first game from the team at Glass Cabinet Hobbies. Lifetime gamers that have a passion to create their own games and Zombag is the start of this journey.

Owner/Game Designer/Developer Ryan Morgan, Game Designer/Art Director Chris Miranda & Junior Designer Grant Giles. Aside from our in house staff, we’d like to give a shout out to our artist Brittany Biggie. She made all the artwork used, so if you like our art, check out her site


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