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My Heroclix Story

When and Where should I start?


     I wasn’t always into Comic books or even Superheroes. I grew up addicted to Baseball, mainly the Cubs and video games. Much like every young kid, I couldn’t get enough. I did however fall in love with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and Batman as a kid. My first system was the original Nintendo, and then Sega, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Xbox, see a trend. Another fun fact, I also grew up right in the middle of Pokémon Mania. This is where the seed was planted, my first collectible game. I collected, played, and even lived the “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” Though I grew out of it and moved on as I grew older and got more into sports.

           GCF                    tmnt

                         It’s not until after finishing high school that I pick up my first comic book. Identity Crisis! Soon after that I was hooked, though mostly sticking to Batman, X-Men, and the Main Events that both Marvel & DC released. It’s not too long and I’m introduced back into the collectible gaming scene. Before I get a head of myself I have to give Famous Faces & Funnies a small shout out for being awesome; it’s our local comic shop and main location of our local Heroclix community. Great guys!

How did I get started playing Heroclix?

I had a friend that played Magic the Gathering. Now at this time I’m reading comic books and we both really liked X-Men. I was a Cyclops fan and he was all about Wolverine. Now I heard of this game, MTG but I never tried it. So, one day I let him teach me the game. I picked it up rather quickly, it’s possible playing Pokémon as a kid helped. Before I knew it I was going to local tournaments playing MTG and having fun. From what I can remember I was decent, taking into account my lack of experience. I started around the time Ravnica: City of Guilds was released. But before I got too far into the game I Quit!

Why did I Quit Magic the Gathering?

        magic               marvel           xmen

It’s a long and complicating story that I’ll save for a later time. Soon after quitting I sold off all my cards and put the game behind me. I was never really attached to the history or the mythology behind the game and it was becoming quite expensive to stay competitive.

My friend was not thrilled by this, and it was his goal to find us another game to play.

Heroclix Time!

He just got back from the local gaming store and wanted to tell me about this game he thought might take the place of MTG. That game was Heroclix. He said “It’s a superhero miniature game, where you battle on a map. We can start out small and slowly build up our armies. What do you think?” I was like, “sounds expensive.” After going up to the shop I saw what my friend was talking about, I agreed “it looks awesome.” Now with this I felt a connection and I told myself I only needed a few figures to start out with. That I would slowly build a collection and not go buck wild spending all my money on the game. So we took the plunge. This was right after Armor Wars was released in late 2005. Some of the other sets that we had access to were Icons, Fantastic Forces, & the new set Armor Wars. I started out with a few boosters of Icons in hopes of collecting Batman, and Armor Wars because it looked cool. I’m not even sure if we even played the game, before my friend asked to borrow my Vet Iron Man because he was going to play at the venue to see what this game was all about. (At the time I had no idea what I had, Vet Iron Man? Though I knew it looked awesome, so it must be good) He called me later that night and said it was a blast and that my Iron Man had killed everyone on the map. I laughed and knew I found the game for me, and I wasn’t even there.

After that we both played every week pretty much until the game died. Over that time I gained so many good friends and slowly grew into a better player. One of my biggest highlights before the death of Heroclix was the Starro Tournaments, we had two. Now I pulled terrible in the Galactus tournament and ended up not doing very well. But my friend won him in one of the two tournaments we played for Big G. So, if I wanted to redeem myself and maintain some dignity I needed to win me a Starro. I had no idea who he was, but he looked awesome and he was huge.

I’ll skip ahead just a tad. I got lucky and pulled Out of the Shadows Batman and made it into the finals. Guess who I had to battle to win Starro, yup you already know. My Friend! He was now becoming that guy you make a life sized model of and throw darts at. He pulled Two Out of the Shadows Batman. I can’t tell you exactly who else was on each team, but you get the idea. He was and still is a great player but if you knew him you would understand my story just a tad better. We were always highly competitive between ourselves, when it came to anything game related.

I couldn’t live with myself if I let him walk out with that Starro and place it next to his Galactus. I needed that Starro just to stay even with him, ha-ha. Needless to say, somehow I was able to beat his duo Out of the Shadow Batman team and win Starro in the morning tournament. All I remember from that match was being terrified that I was going to lose. I had planned later on that night to play for Starro but I had won him in the morning. So I let everyone know I was happy with the results and that I would not play in the later event because I had already won Starro.

Now things get really messed up. They talk me into going to the second tournament just for fun. I even think I said alright I’ll just watch and hangout. But before I knew it I was opening boosters for the sealed event. I didn’t want to be that guy, but I ended up being that guy. I absolutely can’t remember that tournament at all; I don’t even remember who I beat out to win the second Starro. I actually felt so bad after that tournament, I was that jerk. I mean of course it’s one of my best moments from playing Heroclix but not without being crappy as well. I had no intention of winning both, so I ended up trading the second one off within the week. Everyone was good about it though, they laughed it off knowing they asked me to play in the second tournament. Anyways that was a long rant on an old story.

Heroclix died soon after that and I went off to College. It actually worked out great for me in the sense that when the game took a break I was really unable to play. Then when I decided to move, in my final year of College the game came back to life. Now the local gaming scene continued when the game died, no prizes but we played for fun. I said I was unable to play, but I actually did play once in a while but nowhere near the amount had I used to play before I moved away for College.

I had picked up filming and tinkering with film projects while in school. One of the fantasy dreams as a young adult was to become a Director. Oh if only it was that simple. I live in Florida, not California.

Film School was a great experience, one that I’m glad I had. Though looking back on it I should have stuck with computer science, if you didn’t know that’s what I’m working on now. It’s funny because I wasn’t much of a student growing up and now I’m always learning something new. One piece of advice, don’t stop learning, even if you think you’re done. You’re never done!

I had to put that Film Degree to some use, so I started making YouTube videos. But it’s not that simple, at the time I had no idea what I wanted to do with my YouTube Channel. I started out on my original account that I just used to watch and comment on videos. I’ll hook you up with that name if you want to check it out and laugh at some of my early work on YouTube unrelated to Heroclix(Ryanm1985). I made music videos, using my favorite songs mixed with movie clips. My favorites are of the ones of 30 Seconds to Mars on that channel.

Then I started watching this guy on YouTube SeanxLong, he reviewed action figures. I didn’t collect action figures but I thought it was interesting, geeky as all get out but I did have a box full of old Horror Action Figures. Maybe I could do this, I mean it’s not like I wasn’t rocking a Batman T.

I asked my girlfriend (now wife) at the time what she thought. I got the big L on the forehead but then she laughed and said go for it. So I started making random action figure reviews on a New Channel TheGlassCabinet. I really didn’t start making Heroclix on that channel at first and the figure reviews were doing pretty good. I met a lot of cool action figure collectors and it was a fun time. I did slowly start rolling out more and more Heroclix videos as I started to realize that was where my passion was. There weren’t many videos on YouTube about Heroclix either, so I thought maybe I found my niche.

On June 16th, 2010 I uploaded my first real successful Heroclix video. Want to try and guess on what that video was? If you said How to Play Heroclix, then you were correct. I still continued to make action figure reviews and mix in Heroclix videos to test the waters so to speak. Heroclix never really took off on that Channel so I would always had to fall back to what worked, and it was discouraging at times, because I really wanted to focus more on Heroclix. Just when I felt everything was looking up my account got banned. Another long story and let’s face it this is already ridiculous.

So, I was finished. Defeated, I walked away and took a long break from YouTube. If I was going to make YouTube videos again I was going to make it a Heroclix Channel and stay dedicated and see how it played out. Late 2010, I started back up making YouTube videos now on another New Channel called GlassCabinetFilms. I had learned a few things over the years with previous channels and felt I had a better idea of what I was doing. I had a new camera and felt I may have better luck this time around. I did continue to make action figure reviews but that quickly stopped and basically to this day it’s been strictly Heroclix. With some random Predator figures mixed inJ.

Now days I’m roughly playing twice a month and lining up my days off so I can play in the local bigger tournaments like No Man’s Land. I told myself in 2013 I would try my best to make it to GenCon, so I need to make that happen. Not to play well, but to experience the excitement. I’ll play but my goal is to enjoy the event.

I don’t really know what else there is to talk about. Basically that is my Story and where I came from to where I am now. My goal is to help build the Heroclix Community in any way I know how, and that way is by making videos.

I’ll end it with this, and you’re probably saying to yourself will this guy shut up.

You may have seen me posting this silly name, iHeroclix. Well if you didn’t read my post on it, I will try and explain the phrase. iHeroclix is something I thought of in a way to explain a particular Heroclix Community. That community is the online, social media, YouTube, Heroclix players and/or collectors. I play, collect, interact, teach, and socialize with Heroclix players about Heroclix over the internet. iHeroclix is also a play on words, I play Heroclix or I “fill in the blank” Heroclix. iHeroclix every day.


I hope you enjoyed my origin story.


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