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Heroclix Combat Abilities



When moving as a result of being given an action, this character may carry one friendly character. When this ability is used, modify this character’s speed value by –2 until the end of the action. The following characters can’t be carried: larger characters, multi-based characters, characters holding an object, and characters with any of the following combat symbols: bootwingwingtransportordolphinduo.

To be carried, the friendly character must be adjacent to this character at the beginning of this character’s action. When this character ends its movement for the action, the carried character must be placed in a square adjacent to this character. While being carried, a carried character is not adjacent to any other character, nor can it draw a line of fire until placed at the end of this character’s movement for the action. A character which has been carried this turn can’t be given an action (other than a free action) until the beginning of the next turn.


Colossal (symbol)


A character with this symbol is a Colossal character. These characters possess: Colossal Stamina, Great Size 


Colossal Stamina

This character automatically breaks away and can use sharpshooter doubleOO. When this character has two action tokens, it can be given a non-free action. If you do, after actions resolve deal it 1 unavoidable damage and do not clear action tokens from it at the end of the turn. This ability can’t be countered.


Duo (symbol)

duoA character with this symbol is a Duo. Duo characters possess Duo Attack and Split.


Duo Attack

Give this character a power action to make a duo attack. This character possesses lightning bolt for this action. It makes a close or ranged combat attack as a free action. After the attack resolves, it may make an additional close or ranged combat attack as a free action with its damage value modified by -1 to a minimum of 1.



Fist (symbol)

fistA character with this symbol has a normal attack ability. This is the most common type of symbol you will see in the attack slot. Characters with this symbol can also use Merge.



Flier (symbol)

wingA character with this symbol is a Flier. Fliers possess Carry and Flight


Flier (transporter symbol)

wingtransportorA character with this symbol is a Flier and Transporter. These characters possess Carry,Flight, and Move and Attack



This character can use  manelevated, hindering,blockingdoubleOO. An elevated character using this ability ignores knock back damage if its knock back path crosses the boundary to a lower level.


Giant (symbol)

giantA character with this symbol is a Giant. Giant characters possess Giant Reach and Great Size.


Giant Reach

This character ignores opposing characters’ Plasticity and adds 1 to its d6 roll when breaking away. This character can use the Carry ability. When this character is given an action that includes a close combat attack, all squares within a range of 2 and line of fire are considered adjacent. This ability can’t be countered.


Great Size

This character can use man elevated, hindering, blocking,doubleOO and can’t be knocked back. When this character makes a close combat attack, it may target characters on higher elevations. This character may draw lines of fire (and have lines of fire drawn to it) as if the character occupied the elevation equal to or greater than the elevation it occupies, using the elevation level with the least restrictive line of fire. This ability can’t be countered.



Indomitable (symbol)

indomThis character can use Willpower.



When this character is adjacent to other friendly characters that each represent one distinct qualifying character listed on a Duo character’s character card and all of them have no action tokens, give this character a free action to replace all of them with that Duo character, the same number of clicks from its star ting line as this character. The combined point value of the qualifying char acters must be equal to or greater than the point value of the Duo character (unless that Duo character previously used the Split ability to be replaced by these same characters). The Duo character can’t use the Split ability this turn. This ability can’t be countered.


Move and Attack

This character can use Hypersonic Speed if it is not adjacent to an opposing character when given the power action, but its attack value is modified by -2.



Once per turn, give this character a power action. It can be given any two actions as free action. Resolve the first free action before giving it the second. Modify this character’s damage value by -1 to a minimum of 1. This ability can’t be countered. 


Sharpshooter (ability)

This character can use sharpshooter targeting, doubles00. 


Sharpshooter (symbol)

sharpshootersA character with this symbol is a Sharpshooter. Sharpshooter characters possess the Sharpshooter ability and Merge



Give this character a power action if it has no action tokens. Replace this character with one or more qualifying characters each from a different entry listed on this character’s character card. The qualifying replacement character(s) must have either qualifying name and total no more than this character’s point value (unless those characters previously used the Merge ability to be replaced by this character). Replacement character(s) are assigned an action token and can’t be given an action this turn. Replacement character(s) begin a number of clicks from their starting line equal to the number of clicks from this character’s starting line. This ability can’t be countered.



This character can use man water.


Swimmer (symbol)

dolphin1A character with this symbol is a Swimmer. Swimmers can use the Swim ability


Swimmer (transporter symbol)

dolphinA character with this symbol is a Swimmer and Transporter. These characters possess Carry, Swim, and Move and Attack.



Tiny (symbol)

tinyA character with this symbol is considered Tiny. Tiny characters characters possess Tiny Size.


Tiny Size

Modify this character’s defense value by +1 against ranged combat attacks. A friendly character that is larger and adjacent can use the Carry ability to carry up to one tiny character regardless of its other combat symbols, does not reduce its speed value for doing so and can continue to use the Carry ability if it can normally. This ability can’t be countered.


Transporter (symbol)

bootA character with this symbol is a normal (boot) Transporter character. Normal Transporter characters possess Carry and Move and Attack